Rihanna is the Undisputed Long Torso Queen

Rihanna is the Undisputed Long Torso Queen

Rihanna’s style is unmatched. Understatement of the century, right? That’s obvious. But, did you know our Queen has a long torso? Her fashion choices are a masterclass in dressing for long torsos. 

Let’s breakdown some of KORAI’s favorite looks of hers! 

Take a look at this dress from early in her career. The color is to die for, but let’s talk about the cut of the dress. Empire waists are very flattering on long torso bodies. They elongate her body, while giving her a natural waist, which is actually lower on her body.


This next look is a fun one. When you have a long torso, you can play with the cuts of your tops in relation to your bottoms. Rihanna’s bra top with the high waisted gown skirt looks absolutely stunning.

No one could forget her in-theme “Catholic Imagination” look at the 2018 Met Gala. She’s a walking work of art…no question! We wanted to highlight her strapless mini-dress. Long torso ladies are always looking for ways to elongate your legs in relation to your torso. Mini-dresses do an amazing job of giving you that leggy look!

Her pregnancy announcement was ICONIC. Who said long torso girls couldn’t wear low rise jeans? Exhibit A. If there’s anything Rihanna teaches us, it is that you can “pull off” ANYTHING when it comes to clothes. Be confident and WEAR IT!

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